Labour Law Compliances


Steadfast provides technology-based governance, risk, and compliance solutions to organizations ranging from start-ups to large corporations. Steadfast helps in establishing compliance under labor law, factory compliance, contract labor licenses, consultation, and HR audits, which in turn help businesses comply with Indian labor laws.

Establishment Compliance

With changes in state laws, Steadfast covers end-to-end compliance services starting from registration of an establishment or branch to handling inspections by Government Officials for hassle-free business operations. Our well defined systematic approach to handling compliance helps in registration, renewal, or amendments under the Contract Labour Act (R&A)

Factory Compliance

As the administrative front needs to put enormous efforts and knowledge to handle compliance for a new factory or an existing factory, Steadfast ensures to offer an effective monitoring system for voluminous compliance and governance activities. This tremendously helps the client to focus on development and IR climate.

Labour Law Compliances
Labour Law Compliances

Contract Labour Compliance

With the introduction of new economic policy, Contractor labour has greater importance. From micro-large companies depend mostly on contract workforce and it is important to take utmost care in staying compliant with the laws involved. Steadfast takes care of every activity from registration & license under the Contract Labour Regulation and Abolition Act to retirement benefits for contract workers. 

Consultation and HR Audit

As global businesses require legal expertise in a wide range of laws and regulations, Steadfast offers Consultation and HR Audit Services on the labour legislative part of compliance which is an essential constituent of corporate governance.

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